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I actually needs points for a commish I want ._. so yeah. You know, cause I can't draw for shiiiiz xD

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Journal History

I need money.....XDDD I'm kidding :lmao: As if i'd ask for that. What's up guys? It's been awhile since I've posted a journal so. Obviously I've been working on my projects with some much needed help from my mentor/big sis :iconneonkitsune16: The concept pics are helping a lot and are boosting my confidence for the time when I can get out there and...well...XD get my works noticed a bit more. She's been a great friend and has become family to me. Don't get me wrong- I also have awesome bros like :iconandytamama95: Who is my gaming bro and the co creator of my gaming group XDream XD and :iconross-of-all-trades: Who is like the big bro- role model so yeah ^_^
College is going good- I am taking Illustration and Public Speaking. Not really worried on either class. I mainly am taking Illustration because it will be a good place for me to figure out if the career I want to do is right for me. I have a back up plan in case it doesn't work's not solid and is kind of childish but I won't go too into that right now. So life is good there. Work is beginning to get on my nerves...but that's just life so XDDD
So I've been very torn about what I want recently. But I can jot down major ideas in order that I'd like to see happen.
1. Andy/Jesse Comic chapter 3
2. Drakon Family concept pics.....(Bennu is already taken care of so) I'd like to see Magma, Kira, and Mindy completed design wise.
3. Aquamilis concept pictures (Tira, Jet, etc.)
4. (and lastly) the next generation pics (as I call them...those are peeps like Soren, Scarlet, Shannon, etc.)
*Oh. and a private picture I would like to see done but I need a specific someone to note me about that >>; *
I'd like to make an announcement as well....Guys. I don't get on da a lot if not at all anymore. I post the art I love and get and I chat with a select few people who I will be keeping in touch. Aside from those FEW people though- and you know who you are....I am moving on from the rest. It has been a fun time- great time! I have gotten to know and love all of you- and I will cheer for you as you go down your own paths- but some of you don't talk to me anymore and..some of you never really became my friends? XD so I am saying..well- not goodbye- but good luck! I have a handful of friends I love and hold dear to me and those are the people I am going to put my full effort towards to get to know them and make them part of my life for as long as I can. It's nothing against you guys! I just can't juggle everyone and worry about people that don't worry about me- so. (I will know who really wants to be friends with me based on comments....and if I see any negative ones- well then screw you :D )
THIS is something else I would like to bring up. >>; it's no...real secret a lot of people like me...and I can respect that- but recently I haven't...I Don't know- I haven't been thinking about relationships that much. So. I'm taking a back off. I need my space. I need time to do school- relax- hang with FRIENDS- I don't need people clinging onto me. Alright? Sorry if THIS pisses you off- but come on now. You got a problem with it then find someone else...seriously XD
Partnerships for Nightfall and other projects:
I'd...honestly say..note me? if I meant that. But- a couple of people have trieeeed to get my attention to do so. And- come on guys. If I don't know you well enough and you don't know my story enough- I'm not going to fucking merge our stories. This is my project- this is my dream. I'm not just going to throw it out there and take chances. There are 2 people <--- as of right now that are seriously helping me and care about it. Amber and Tahir. So those two people have the option and first chances of doing so! 
Does this mean I am leaving DA?
In a sense...yes and no. I'm leaving DA chat wise because I am always on skype and it's just easier on me. Not to mention half of the fucking viruses I get are from this site. -n-; So I will be staying only on skype and (this is important) Da notes. If you want my skype (if you are a close friend) then note me and I will give you it. For people like Kay- who only has the option of da chat(?) sorry- but I have been thinking about this for a long time. I just gotta do it. I will still be posting art on here and reading comments and commenting back. People can still rp with me via notes if I think we hang out enough to do so. The rest of you-- don't throw a fit- don't give me crap- cause we both know it's for the best this way. So yeah :dummy: that's it! See ya guys later. Peace :meow:


Just Jesse
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name is Jesse(I actually like my biological name now). I am 18 now and own A LOT of characters. All are based off my own projects and such. I am proud to own the famous Cross, Anari, Derdarkistan, and LeLeir families.
Some of my chars: Sierra, Soul, Scarlet, Soren, Shannon, Faith, Nova, and many more
My life goal has been- and always will be peace. I disagree with this world a lot. It is cruel- and people deserve to be happy. We deserve to smile and love each other as equals- not as strangers. Who the hell wants Judgement? Sin? Anger? Bitterness? Jealously? Who wants all of that!? I'll create peace or die trying.
My icons:
:iconsierracrossplz: :iconririplz: :iconlillythefoxplz: :iconsparklethecatplz: :iconemikodollplz: :iconanarieyeplz:
My gaming group/skype group :iconneonkitsune16: :iconandytamama95: :iconross-of-all-trades: :iconlordoftheshrubs:

My best DA friends/second family: :iconiyzeekiil: :iconthescarlethuntress: :iconxxnexuscityxx:

My Da/best sis: :iconlunalunestia:

And this gal right here~ :iconxxblue-deathxx:
Crossfamilyrps (private, only certain people can enter)
Current Residence: Underworld
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite style of art: Fan art
MP3 player of choice: ...what ever works
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto, Ichigo, Crona, Saya, etc.
Personal Quote: "Love is Love. Simple as that."

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